Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas - new things happening to naplesplus (Naples, FL)

Added almost 1000 new Naples Florida businesses, 1200 native + non-native
Collier County plants in the new Collier County Plant directory, colier
county schools information and more!
Just letting y'all know that that a bunch of new stuff showing up on
is brand new! Includes
every native and non-native plant found in Collier County Florida that I
could find. Most have pictures. - Most
Collier County FL schools are added with their own pages and links to their
main pages.
ectory - 1200 doctors added to naplesplus, each with their own pages.
The business directories keep getting updated. Business Directory
has about 1000 new collier
county businesses in the from the last few months (Business is booming in
Naples believe it or not!), and there is a new Physician directory there
with so many doctors listed, I can't even count!
Hope y'all find it useful!
Ken, founder of naplesplus.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Experimenting with geotagging a post on blogger.

I'm experimenting with geotagging a blogger post. I REALLY LIKE this feature. I hope one day to convert all of the businesses on Collier County Business Directory but it'll take a lot of work. Part of the problem is that Yahoo and Google, for two examples, use slightly different address to coordinates systems. Once I geotagged about 10,000 businesses (about a year ago) only to find out that Google saw them differently, and I couldn't use that work. Wah... :-( But it'll get there. And Naples will never be the same when it works!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Google Friend Connect is now in a limited testing phase - and naplesplus is a part of it!

Google Friend Connect, the up and coming social networking service that will connect various and sundry websites together with a common social networking platform, is now White Listing a number of websites to be a part of their continuing testing phase.


My little Naples, FL website, 

is now a part of the Google Friend Connect testing phase.  Come on by and if you look to the left panel of the site, about half way down, you'll see a Google Friend Connect thing.  (it says "Google members").  From there, you can join Google Friend Connect, use your Plaxo or Orkut or Google profiles, and set up a new type of presence on the Internet, one that will eventually link everything together.

You'll be able to find your friends, see what websites they're into, hook together in a way never possible before.  This is just the beginning stages of the process - the first teetering steps towards a very large and very necessary evolution in social networking -- meta social networking that spans across multiple websites.  MyBlogLog has come close to this goal, but hasn't quite reached it yet.  Google will do it right.  They may be the 800-lb Gorilla, but that's why it's good to be on their side :-)


Kenneth Udut, webmaster of - Collier County FL - Naples FL News, Jobs, For Sale, Business Directory, Blogs


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