Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frugal: Steak by Any Other Name - FYI

Steak by Any Other Name - AARP - Paul Lempert

"There are more than 60 different cuts of beef in the average supermarket today. And identical ones can go by lots of different names, making the navigation of the meat case more than a bit confusing.

Did you know that a New York strip is the same as a top loin boneless steak? And that sometimes packages for those two could be sitting side-by-side in the case at difference prices per pound?

Here's a quick reference list to make sure you are not getting ripped off."

Name of cut: T-bone
Also known as: Porterhouse

Name of cut: Tenderloin
Also known as: Filet, Chateaubriand

Name of cut: Top loin boneless
Also known as: Strip, Kansas City, New York strip

Name of cut: Top loin bone-in
Also known as: Strip, Sirloin strip, Club

Name of cut: Ribeye
Also known as: Delmonico

Name of cut: Skirt
Also known as: Fajita meat, Philadelphia

Name of cut: Hanger
Also known as: Hanging tenderloin

Name of cut: Flank
Also known as: London broil

Name of cut: Sirloin
Also known as: Flat-bone, Round-bone

Name of cut: Top sirloin boneless
Also known as: London broil, Sirloin butt

Name of cut: Round tip, thin sliced
Also known as: Beef sirloin tip, Sandwich steak, Minute steak

Name of cut: Top round
Also known as: Top round London broil

Name of cut: Top blade boneless
Also known as: Flatiron, Butler

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